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PNOĒ  Metabolic Physiological Breath Analysis

Titan Training is now offering metabolic Health and Fitness testing for athletic performance and weight loss using PNOĒ metabolic testing equipment. 

PNOĒ has created the the world’s first Gold Standard portable clinical grade metabolic analyzer. Technology that was once only available in hospitals or laboratories.

The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System provides the most complete picture of human physiology. Clinically accurate measurements of cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular health and fitness.

The PNOĒ 10 minute Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR), determines your individual daily caloric requirements based on your metabolic rate to maintain your current weight and whether your metabolism is slow or fast. The fuel sources your body uses during daily activities - divided between fat and carbohydrates. If your goal is weight loss there has to be a calorie deficit. The RMR test provides you with the information you need to lose weight and not regain it. Plan on one hour for testing.


The PNOĒ 12 minute exercise fitness test combined with Spirometry will reveal how effective you are at using oxygen, burning fat and carbohydrates. This test will reveal which of your cardiovascular, respiratory, or muscular systems is the limiting factor in your performance. Your test will also provide the most accurate training zones available in your heart rate, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your training, develop individualized nutrition and workout plans to improve your performance. Plan on one hour to 2 hours for testing.

PNOĒ’s proprietary data analysis software is the only commercially available tool for automatically analyzing all metrics measured during a metabolic test.

The result is the most comprehensive scan of your physiology that goes far beyond reporting RMR, VO2max, and training zones.

It has never been easier to measure essential metabolic functions and identify limiting factors to reach your health and fitness goal.

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